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Requesting a New Vendor or Changing an Existing Vendor

Important: All vendor requests (new vendor set up, vendor reactivations, address changes, contact information changes, vendor questions) must now be submitted to . Email to any other person, fax, interoffice mail, US Postal Service mail, and hand delivery will no longer be accepted. Note: Since all vendor processing is done at the request of an APS school or department ONLY, will only accept emails from email addresses.

Click here for the 2016-2017 Vendor Number Request/Update Form (don't forget to submit with the vendor's W-9 attached!)

Responsibilities for Vendor Request

School or Department Admin or Bookkeeper
  • Submits the IRS Form W-9 (dated within the last 12 months) and any additional required business documents to the Albuquerque Public Schools department or school they are working with. New vendors are only considered at the request of an APS school/department.
Vendor Approval Committee

Important information about Vendor Approval Committee deadlines: All vendor requests must go before the Vendor Approval Committee for their consideration at their weekly meeting on Thursday mornings. All requests to be considered at the Vendor Approval Committee weekly meeting MUST be received via email to no later than the date and time listed above. All requests are approved or declined at the complete and sole discretion of the Vendor Approval Committee.

  • Meets weekly to consider all vendor requests
  • Issues new vendor numbers as appropriate
  • Changes/reactivates existing vendors as appropriate
  • Verifies vendors' City Business License and State Gross Receipts Tax Certificate, when required


A vendor number is required for all payments. A Vendor Number Request/Update Form (click here) along with an IRS Form W-9 completed by the vendor is required for all new vendors or to change or reactivate an existing vendor.

Only the form above will be accepted. Any requests submitted on previous forms will be returned to the requester.

New vendors are only considered at the request of an APS school/location. Requests are not accepted directly from applicant vendors. If you are a contractor/business interested in receiving notification of requests for bids, please contact Leslie Poe, 505-878-6126, in the Procurement Department.

Vendor Committee Meeting Deadlines through December 22, 2016


For the Vendor Committee Meeting of:

The deadline to receive submissions is by 4 p.m. on:
5/11/2017 5/9/2017
5/18/2017 5/16/2017
5/25/2017 5/23/2017
6/1/2017 5/30/2017
6/8/2017 6/6/2017
6/15/2017 6/13/2017
6/22/2017 6/20/2017
6/29/2017 6/27/2017


APS does not, under any circumstances, issue a vendor number to an individual who is a former APS employee within one year of that individual’s termination of employment. Vendor Number requests for former employees will be considered by the Vendor Approval Committee only after the individual’s one-year lapse of APS employment.

Additionally, APS does not issue a vendor number to an individual who is a current APS employee, except for reimbursement purposes.  Any other type of payment through the Accounts Payable system will be disallowed. Payments for services provided by current employees should be submitted to payroll on a miscellaneous time sheet.


Effective September 24, 2015, all new vendor number requests for reimbursements of travel costs to individuals, including employees and non-employees, must state the TAN (Travel Authorization Number) on the Vendor Number Request/Update Form.


For the purpose of rentals of inflatables, the following is a list of APS Vendors that are registered with the New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department as required by the Carnival Ride Insurance Program. These are the only APS vendors as of this date from which inflatables may be rented:

Vendor Number Vendor Name Vendor Contact
34755 Amazing Jumps LLC 980-4579
36701 Loco Jumps Inc, aka Loco Fun Jumps 792-6620
42516 R&M Jumps 873-3409
40902 Vendmatt LLC, aka Jump4Fun 991-6608

To rent inflatables from a company that is not an APS vendor, please follow the usual process above for requesting new vendor numbers.

Even if a non-APS organization (INCLUDING PTA/PTO/ETC) is sponsoring/funding an event on an APS campus where inflatables will be present, the requirement that a company be registered with the New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department still applies.


For APS to receive goods and/or services prior to having an approved purchase order is in violation of the New Mexico Procurement Code, Section 13-1-28 through Section 13-1-199, NM SA 1978, and could constitute a possible audit finding.


Please email with questions or for additional information.


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