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The Vision of APS’s Energy Conservation Program:

To ensure a partnership between “Schools & M&O” that pursues an outreach energy and environmental conservation program for school team members that will preserve natural resources and provide funds back to schools based on their energy savings.


  • Provide an outreach and educational energy conservation program to administrators, teachers, custodians, students and encourage family / community support.
  • Provide resources, which allow facility managers, the means to reduce energy consumption and thus improve environmental conservation.
  • Provide projects/programs designed to perpetuate the educational process that will create program sustainability.
  • Provide statistical information / programs designed to stimulate energy awareness and justify ongoing reward incentives directly related to energy conservation / efficiency within the district.
  • Provide a utility monitoring system and appreciation program reinforcing how lifestyle changes in their school and home can impact utility bills as well as preserving natural resources.
  • Provide a recognition program impacting all levels of involvement.
  • Provide open communication with all utility companies.