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Energy Conservation Incentive Program

Most energy savings will be found by people and put into practice by people. Therefore, it is prudent to reward and encourage active and proactiv e participation by each school and its members in the Albuquerque Public Schools. To that end, guidelines for monetary incentive awards for schools in the Energy S.T.A.R.S. Program, Schools Teaching About Resource Sustainability, are enumerated below:


  1. Rebates shall be given to each school that ends each quarter below its electrical energy budget, established baseline. A school’s energy budget is based on their 4 quarters of the ir “Baseline” which is established by the District Energy Conservation Committee and the District Energy Coordinator.
  2. Actual electrical usage (in kWh), with no adjustment for weather or occupancy will be used.
  3. Each school competes only with itself and comparisons between schools are not used to determine awards.
  4. The total amount of the rebate for the schools actively enrolled in the “Energy Conservation and Efficiency Incentive Program” will be based on 1/3 (one third) of its savings for only the current quarter, the savings will be determined by the District Energy Conservation Coordinator, Energy Committee Chairperson, and M&O Director.
  5. The District goal is a 7% reduction in kWh from the same month of the schools baseline usage.
  6. The awards will be paid on a quarterly basis, based on the total savings for that qua rter as compared to the same quarter of the schools baseline year. NOTE: 4th quarter funds will be held over to the end of the new 1st quarter. At that time 4th and 1st quarter rebates will be transferred into the schools account.
  7. Rebates are based on the current cost of energy.


  1. Only schools that have volunteered for and have been identified by the “Energy Committee” can participate in the “Energy Conservation and Efficiency Incentive Program.”
  2. New schools to the program will establish their Energy Conservation Program and start receiving their Energy Rebates the following quarter after they have demonstrated to the “Energy Committee” that they have a viable program in place and showing their program is working.
  3. Each school must identify an “Energy Team Leader/teacher ” that will:
    1. Develop and execute programs with their students aimed at “Behavior Modifications”
      that will result in energy conservation and efficiency at their school.
    2. Motivate students and staff to eliminate energy waste, and promote sound use of energy resources with the required support of the schools administration.
  4. Only schools that have been open and whose primary Sq. Ft. usage has not changed for at least one fiscal year are eligible to join the program.
  5. Energy usage for portable classrooms will be included in the determination of rebates and estimates developed based on sq. ft. changes.
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  6. Extra curricular, after hour and weekend usage shall be assumed to remain consistent at each
    school (significant changes, community sponsored programs using the buildings should be
    reported to the District Energy Conservation Coordinator, 765 -5950 ext. 342.)
  7. Formula for basing quarterly savings will be:
    1. Total kWh will be divided by the schools total monthly bill, which will equal “Average Monthly kWh Cost.”
    2. Multiplied by the difference between the total kWh used in the same month of the schools baseline and the year and the current month’s total kWh.
      Note: Adjustments to funds for the school may be adjusted based on the schools change in total square footage changes, i.e. portable moves or school additions.
  8. A quarterly report for each school will be provided to help the school gauge its energy
    management performance, to date.
  9. Rebates given to schools are “Capital Funds” and can not be used for salaries, stipends, or recurring expense. Principals will provide the Energy Coordinator one account number for the funds transfer quarterly.
  10. Physical facility changes still MUST be submitted and approved by M&O.
  11. Documented savings will be on billing information provided by PNM.
  12. Leson Plans, actives for students, points of contacts current savings, forms and grant applications, and web sites that can support your Energy Conservation Program can be found at the Districts Energy S.T.A.R.S. webpage: