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Posted February 7, 2018

Robots Help Homebound Students Virtually Attend School

Holmans Foundation for Autism has teamed up with the APS Education Foundation to provide robots to students in need.

Holmans Foundation for Autism, represented by CEO Anthony Trujillo, donated two robots to students in the homebound program at Aztec Complex on Feb. 1. The foundation donated a third robot to another student in the homebound program last school year. 

These robots allow students to virtually attend events at their school while in the homebound program.

Volunteer students in the Best Buddies program at La Cueva High School will interact with the homebound students through the robots, providing mentoring and friendship.

Both students benefit from the virtual interactions, building experiences that support academic and social growth. Students will be able to see, hear and interact with each other during their sessions. The homebound student can maneuver the robot and move around the environment along with their buddy. It is amazing to see the growth that takes place with the help of this unique technology.

When Trujillo walked into the Aztec Complex. the teachers, students and families knew their lives were about to change.

“We want to give the students every opportunity to succeed and improve their quality of life,” Trujillo said during the robot presentation. The happy tears and smiles he received in return said the rest.

“What Anthony and Holmans Foundation for Autism are doing is almost indescribable,” said Lisa Heimer, principal, of the Aztec Complex. “The effectiveness of the robots for the students with autism has proven to build social growth. Anthony is responding to that, and making a day-after-day contribution to the betterment of APS students.”

One of the many goals this foundation strives to do is help build a quality of life for students with autism. With generous donations, the Holmans Foundation will be donating technology to the Aztec Complex homebound program breaking barriers on innovative ways for students to be able to attend and access their education with fewer limitations. 

The Holmans Foundation was established in 2011 to increase public interest and awareness of autism, recognize deserving teachers, improve the quality of life for families with autistic children, and provide needed technology for autism specific classrooms in public schools.

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