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Accounting oversees the flow of financial information through the district's accounting system, monitors for accuracy and timeliness, and summarizes financial information into reports.
Accounts Payable
Processes all district payments to vendors.
The Administration Department is responsible for maintenance and supervision of the district.
Applicant Processing
Applicant Processing services all employment applications for current and prospective employees.
ARTS Center
The ARTS Center provides K-12 fine arts curriculum support through workshops, consultations, classroom presentations, and materials for checkout.
Associate Superintendents
The Athletics Department provides administrative, organizational, and financial support at the district level for a comprehensive high school athletic program and a limited middle-school athletic program.
Background and Fingerprinting
APS conducts background checks on all prospective district employees (applicants who are offered employment), district contractors, district contractor's employees, and volunteers who have unsupervised access to students.
Before & After School Programs
Before/After School Programs are offered as part of an extended learning strategies for academic improvement.
Board of Education Services
The Board of Education Services Office supports the business of the Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education. The office facilitates meetings of the Board of Education, is a liaison between members of the Board of Education and Albuquerque Public Schools administration, organizes constituent meetings in the community and other outreach projects, addresses policy and procedural directives, and is an integral component of the district’s legislative team.
Budget, Planning and Analysis
Budget, Planning and Analysis maintains and monitors the district's annual budget, oversees the proper expenditure and transfer of funds, and assists with budget development.
Bus Service
Student Transportation Services is responsible for transporting APS students to and from school on a daily basis.
Business Systems: Finance
Business Systems provides application support for District ERB system (Lawson). Areas of support include Financial/HR/Payroll reporting and system transactions issues.
Capital Fiscal Services
Capital Fiscal Services manages the district’s capital funds management needs, including financial accounting aspects of all facility construction projects, maintenance and operations for all capital funded projects, asset capitalization with inventory control, and related stakeholder involvement.
Capital Master Plan
Capital Master Plan oversees the long-range plans for building schools facilities. The office serves as liaison to other government agencies on issues related to the APS capital program.
Career Technical Education
CTE provides teachers with the tools and professional development to adequately educate their students.
Charter & Magnet Schools
There are a number of state-supported charter schools in the Albuquerque Public Schools district. These institutions, authorized under the NM Charter School Act of 1999, operate independently from APS with their own mission, goals, and focus. APS retains certain oversight accountabilities prescribed by law for these schools.
The APS Communications Office links the community and the school district by providing accurate and timely communication, resource development and quality service in support of success for all students.
Community Schools
Community Schools develops and strengthens partnerships between schools and the communities they serve.
Gathers information, develops and recommends pay programs to executive management for approval and implementation, evaluates job descriptions, and guides administration and supervision regarding application of compensation theory and practices, and in following generally accepted practices, laws, and statutes.
Coordinated School Health
The purpose of promoting health and wellness throughout APS schools is to ensure that all students come to school ready to learn or have assistance to mitigate the barriers they have which may interfere with the learning process.
Counseling Services
Counseling Services provides resources, professional development, and support to school counselors, assisting them to embrace and enhance school counselor best practices, while advocating for every student to receive equitable access to rigorous academic preparation, and college and career readiness.
Curriculum and Instruction
Designs and develops curriculum maps in all content areas K-12; oversees adoption and implementation of content areas, core programs, and interventions; coordinates curriculum boards, and represents the district in state and regional curriculum task forces and regulation reviews, Advance Placement (AP) exams and enrollment, and high school graduation exam; helps with calculation reviews for high school GPA and the advocacy of AP opportunities.
District Imaging and Archive Center
District Imaging and Archive Center provides archival support for district departments through computer imaging and also handles high school transcript retrieval and birth verifications for the public.
District Principal Support Services, East Tower
Provides support to elementary and middle school principals throughout the district and in priority schools.
District Principal Support Services, West Tower
Provides support to principals throughout the district. The focus for the support is on first year principals, high schools implementing redesign, and principals in priority schools.
Early Childhood Office
The APS Early Childhood Office provides professional development to enhance learning outcomes for young children in the areas of transition to kindergarten, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and leadership to develop a collaborative partnership between the home, school, and community.
Education Foundation
The APS Education Foundation is a non-profit organization established for promoting private support of the district and its students.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides counseling services for APS employees and their families for physical, mental health, job-related issues, marriage, family, career counseling, and resources and referrals. All services are free and provided in a confidential setting.
Employee Benefits
Employee Data Center
The Employee Data Center is responsible for the record keeping of all APS employees.
Energy Conservation
Energy Conservation is responsible for the district energy conservation programs.
Equal Opportunity Services
If a student, employee, or parent/legal guardian on behalf of a student believes that he/she has been discriminated against on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, age, etc., they may file an internal complaint with the APS Office of Equal Opportunity Services (OEOS). In addition, OEOS can provide informational literature related to rights and responsibilities.
Extended Learning in After School
Supports schools, agencies/providers, and community partners in their efforts to align before and after school programs with the school day. Assists students in achieving excellence in academics/learning and bridging the gap between home, school, programs, and community.
Extended Leaves and Sick Leave Bank
The Human Resources Leaves of Absence department administers all leaves of absence in excess of ten (10) consecutive days.
Facilities Design and Construction
Facilities Design and Construction is responsible for the ongoing, district-wide construction, renovation and major repairs of APS facilities.
Field Services Support (Technology - Support Services)
Finance oversees the accurate, accountable, and timely management of district financial resources.
Fine Arts
Fine Arts is directly responsible for the elementary art and music program, and for providing instructional and logistical support and technical assistance for secondary music, drama, and visual arts programs.
Food and Nutrition Services
Food and Nutrition Services: provides meals to APS students, teachers, and staff; provides nutrition education in the classroom, food sanitation/safety training for APS staff, special dietary needs for children by registered staff dietitians, community nutrition services, summer feeding, after school snacks, and a full catering department, as well as contracted services to non-profit agencies; processes applications for the federal Free or Reduced-Price Lunch program.
Grant Management
The Grant Management Department monitors compliance and provides technical assistance to schools and program units that are awarded federal, state, local or private grants.
Graphics Enterprise Services
Graphics Enterprise Services provides the district with mail, copy, print, and design services, as well as classroom and teacher supplies through the classroom store.
Hearing Office
The Hearing Office ensures compliance with the district’s disciplinary policies described in the Student Behavior Handbook. Hearing officers conduct student disciplinary hearings for students considered for long-term suspensions or expulsions.
Home School Office
The Home School Office provides information about transferring a student out of an APS school in order to establish a home school.
Human Resources
Human Resources is responsible for the recruitment, hiring, assignment, and record keeping of all APS employees.
Indian Education
The Indian Education Department serves American Indian students district-wide and provides indirect services to all school personnel to support the implementation of the District Indian Education Plan, Indian Education Resource Teachers, and Home-to School Liaisons.
Instructional Accountability
Instructional Coordinators
Instructional Learning Technologies
Internal Audit
Internal Audit is an independent appraisal office that reviews financial conditions, legal and procedural compliance, internal controls, and conducts investigations and facilitates the whistleblower hotline.
Join-a-School develops partnerships and creates opportunities for involvement and interaction between businesses, community groups, and schools.
KANW is a non-profit, non-commercial educational radio station owned and operated by Albuquerque Public Schools. It is a broadcast radio station located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, providing Public Broadcasting News, Information and Entertainment as a service of the New Mexico Public Broadcasting service.
Labor Relations
Labor Relations is responsible for bargaining and administering negotiated agreements with the district’s labor unions, for representing the district at grievance hearings and arbitrations, and for determining school calendars.
Language and Cultural Equity
The Language and Cultural Equity Department provides leadership, technical assistance, and professional resources to schools for the implementation of alternative language services of students with linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds.
Legislative Affairs
Legislative Affairs works to ensure public school children receive sufficient funding along with supporting many items on the district’s legislative agenda.
Library Services
APS Library Services acquires, processes, and catalogs library and instructional materials; offers training and professional development for teacher librarians and textbook clerks; and manages a centralized library and textbook database for tracking and inventory.
Mail Center
Mail Services receives, sorts, and delivers all interoffice mail and prepares all USPS mailings for the district.
Maintenance & Operations
Maintenance & Operations assists in the development of district systems to maximize and coordinate resources in the Albuquerque Public Schools and oversees strategic planning efforts to effectively use district resources.
Materials Management
Orders, warehouses, and delivers instructional supplies, custodial supplies, instructional materials, and furniture. Sorts and delivers inter-office mail, provides postage and meters, supply stages, and chairs for school use, provides printing services and operates the salvage yard.
Mentor Program for Teachers
The Mentor Program for Teachers is an APS/ATF/UNM partnership that provides veteran teachers as mentors for beginning teachers.
Network (Technology - Enterprise Systems)
Nursing Services
Nursing Services works hard to make sure that all students have access to the services they need in order to stay healthy so they can focus on their education.
Operation / Data Entry / Control (Technology - Data Center Support Services)
PAR (Peer Assistance and Review)
The PAR Program is designed to help improve the performance of experienced teachers who are having serious difficulties carrying out their professional responsibilities.
Responsible for processing payroll for all APS employees. This includes all regular contract employees, students, substitutes, and hourly employees.
APS Police provides law enforcement, and security services to ensure a safe environment exists for district staff and students.
Print Center
The Print Center provides all district printing and bindery production. Instructional materials, manuals, forms, business cards, stationary, brochures, etc. One to four color printing and full bindery services.
Procurement purchases, rents, or leases all items of tangible personal property, services, or construction for the district, maximizing the purchasing value of public funds, and provides safeguards for maintaining a system of quality and integrity.
Professional Learning
The role of Professional Learning is to identify, coordinate, and lead an effective professional system to improve instructional practices and student achievement.
Real Estate
The Real Estate Office handles inquiries regarding land purchases, dispositions, leases, licenses, joint-use agreements, easements, and portable building assignments.
Research, Deployment, and Accountability (RDA)
RDA provides school staff with accountability of assessment information and assists in applying this information to instructional program improvements; conducts program evaluation and original research to support instructional programs and district leadership, and deploys a number of programs and initiatives to support school level instruction and learning; Math Itinerant Teachers, RTI, SAT, Federal, State and District Testing Services, Library Services, and Science Distribution Center.
Risk Management
The Risk Management Department manages district’s liability and property insurance programs, occupational health clinics, workers’ compensation program, and district’s loss control and safety.
Science Distribution Center
The APS Science Distribution Center provides the adopted science program for 64 elementary schools.
Special Education
The Special Education Department provides guidance and technical assistance to schools in order to support students with disabilities and programs. In addition, this Department provides direct services to students, and is responsible for managing district responses to legal, regulatory, and budgetary matters.
Staffing and Employee Relations
Responsible for staffing and employee relations.
Stock Control
Stock Control manages ordering for educational and janitorial supplies.
Student Information Systems (SIS)
Student Information Systems (SIS) is responsible for ensuring that the collection, management, storage and retrieval of student information is efficient, effective, and provided accurately and timely to key stakeholders for informed decision making while maintaining strict standards of confidentiality. SIS systems include SchoolMAX, ReportMAX, i-Cue, i-Gradebook, i-Parent and i-Register.
Student Transportation Services
Student Transportation Services is responsible for transporting APS students to and from school on a daily basis.
Student, Family, and Community Supports
Student, Family, and Community Supports builds relationships with the business community, government agencies, and post-secondary institutions to enhance educational success for students.
Student, School, and Community Service Center
The Student, School, and Community Service Center is the customer service department for APS. The Service Center is available any time to answer your questions, help you handle your family's concerns, and facilitate resolution of conflicts between students or families and schools or district departments.
Substitute Services
This office recruits, trains, and coordinates usage of substitute teachers and educational assistants for the district via the Substitute Employee Management System.
Summer School
The Summer Programs Unit oversees Summer School.
Support Services (Technology - Data Center Support Services)
Support Services provides consulting services to schools and departments on workstation and server configurations, software installation and support for both MAC and PC systems. Support Services also dispatches computer technicians to support hardware and software on district workstations and servers, and supports peripheral devices including printers, scanners, and PDAs.
System Administration (Technology - Enterprise Systems)
This department provides support for APS computer technology including: computers, software, servers, printers and scanners. This includes the Technology Service Desk.
Technology - City Center Support
Technology - Enterprise Architects
Technology Service Desk
The Technology Service Desk answers questions about APS-supported computer software, hardware, and applications (Lawson, Unisys, SchoolMax, and email).
The Teachers' Toolbox
The Teacher's Toolbox provides graphic design, curriculum support projects, large quantity copying -- including labels and tabs -- in addition to self-serve copying, bindery, laminating, button-making, and die cutting. This location also has a fully-stocked store with thousands of incentive items and classroom materials available at reasonable prices.
The Tiny Toolbox (City Center)
The Tiny Toolbox (City Center) provides small quantity black and white copy services on-site, and offers limited mail (interoffice, USPS, and UPS) services to departments.
Title I
The Title I Department supports supplementary services to improve the educational performance of low-achieving children in high-poverty schools.
Title I Homeless Project
The APS Title I Homeless Project helps with enrollment, supplies, tutoring, career exploration, counseling, and career exploration.
Training Resource Center
The Training Resource Center coordinates training opportunities for district staff (outside teacher professional development) and monitors compliance for district, state, and federally-mandated trainings.
Translation and Interpretation Services
Provides translation of essential documents for non-English speaking parents, and offers interpretation services for student hearings and for special education meetings.
Student Transportation Services is responsible for transporting APS students to and from school on a daily basis.
Unified Resources Library
The Unified Resources Library supports APS teachers and other information-certified staff by providing research materials and consultation services to support professional growth and instructional programs.
Volunteer with APS
Each day, volunteers display selfless acts of service to assure that all Albuquerque Public School students receive a quality education in a safe and secure learning environment.
Web Team
Helping APS communicate with parents, students, employees, and the community.
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