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Counselor-Admin RelationshipToolkit

“The goal of an effective school counselor/principal relationship is to use the strength of the relationship to collaboratively lead school reform efforts to increase achievement for all students. The desired outcome of an effective school counselor/principal relationship is to raise achievement levels for all students and ensure equity in educational outcomes,” (ASCA, 2015).

The cornerstone of every good Counselor-Administrator relationship is a mutual understanding of job roles. To learn more about appropriate use of School Counselor time, training, and expertise see the link(s) below. Each School Counselor must also complete dual supervision paperwork which includes their professional development plan and an annual agreement. A great way to move towards a productive relationship is to review both documents in detail with your counselor, having a conversation about the goals and objectives. If you want to learn more about establishing a productive Counselor-Administrator relationship use this toolkit provided in collaboration with College Board, ASCA, and NASSP.

AdvisoryAdvisory Logo

Historically, the Counseling department has supported Advisory programming with curriculum packets. All Administrators and Advisory Councils have access to Advisory curriculum for grades 6-12 on Blackboard.

Safety Protocols

For information on the Administrator’s role in threat assessments and suicide/crisis referral process please refer to the APS required training quiz you must take each year. You can also review the protocols and crisis manual on the Counseling Blackboard site.

School ClimateIDEAL Lessons

It is important that Administration familiarize themselves with the anti-bullying protocol as well as related information from the student handbook. Because direct service to students is our number one priority, school counselors will refer disciplinary action due to mistreatment to you in order to preserve rapport and trust with the student. APS Counselors K-12 have access to mistreatment prevention curriculum. Elementary school counselors use Connected & Respected while Middle and High school counselors have access to I.D.E.A.L. 

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