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Crossroads is a substance abuse prevention/intervention program for high school students.

Crossroads is a substance abuse prevention/intervention program for high school students. The program services are delivered by a group of licensed school counselors with training and experience in the field of substance abuse. This program has been operating in many APS High Schools since 1995.

Their services include:
  • Information dissemination
  • Normative and preventative education
  • Initial assessment
  • Problem identification and referral
  • Environmental approaches
  • Community resources integration and skills training

Parent Involvement Program (PIP)

The Parent Involvement Program (PIP) is an alternative to long term student suspensions for drug and alcohol violations.

Students and their parents attend an after school/evening cycle of sessions addressing:

  • Communication
  • Facts about drugs and drug use
  • Media literacy and adolescent issues
  • Problem solving skills
  • Parent/teen issues
  • Focus on the family
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