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Tips for Parents

Tips for Families

  1. Contact the school every time your student will be absent. Your student is responsible to make up any missed school work. 
  2. If your student reports that he/she is feeling sick, please use the Sick Day Guidelines for Families to help decide whether or not he/she should go to school.
  3. Make every effort to schedule doctor, dentist, and other appointments after school hours. If your student must be out of school for an appointment, get him/her back to school for at least part of the school day.
  4. Plan vacations when school is not in session. Please refer to the APS School Calendar
  5. Check your student's attendance regularly on ParentVue or with school staff (APS School Directory).
  6. Keep your contact information up-to-date on ParentVue or with the school (phone number, address, parent work location, etc.).
  7. Speak to your student about how attendance is important to his/her learning.

Keep Your Teen Interested in School

Be involved in your teen's education for career success. Consider these helpful tips when talking with your teen.

  • Show interest - ask about their school day.
  • Talk about why a high school diploma is important to their future.
  • Make it clear that missing school is unacceptable.
  • If your teen is losing interest and/or missing school, get help from school staff (Counselor, Nurse, Teacher, etc.).
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