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Truancy Prevention/Intervention Program

Attendance Matters.  Regular attendance is an important factor in a student’s achievement at school and helps prepare students to be college and career ready.  Missing just 2 school days a month makes a student more likely to drop out.

Absenteeism, and specifically truancy, is often a symptom of other things going on in the student’s life.  Many times it is conflict at home, school and/or other circumstances that are influencing poor school attendance.  There are many reasons for absenteeism and truancy that pose difficulties for students, families, and schools.

New Mexico defines “students in need of early intervention” at five (5) unexcused absences and “habitual truancy” as students with ten (10) unexcused absences.  The school district issues two (2), five (5) and ten (10) day notices to families in an effort to notify and assist families and students struggling with attendance.

Best practice in addressing truancy are to utilize a wellness approach of early identification, intervention and referral to community or school based programs.  The use of a school-level team for early intervention is the core component of the APS Truancy Intervention Program.

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