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Posted November 8, 2010

FAFSA Completion (Pilot Project)

The High School FAFSA Completion (Pilot Project) has been implemented for the 2010-2011 school year and is available to only twenty educational organizations. APS was selected as one of the 20 educational organizations to participate.

It enables APS to request and receive FAFSA completion information for individual high school students or a specified group of high school students. This information can be used by participating secondary schools, local educational agencies, and state agencies to facilitate counseling to students on FAFSA completion, assist in finding financial aid funding for college, and encourage college acceptance and enrollment. Only secondary schools and local educational agencies are approved to participate in the pilot program.

We have also been selected by the US department of Education to participate in a city wide publication/communication campaign around the FAFSA Completion Project. We will be partnering with many community and state entities to roll out our FAFSA Completion Project in APS.

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