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Posted February 16, 2011

APS Launches Campaign to Fight Obesity

‘Get in the Action’ Kicks Off at 1:15 p.m. Today at Mission Ave. Elementary

One in three students is overweight or obese in Albuquerque Public Schools, a recent study concluded. That’s on par with state and national averages; still, it’s a startling statistic that has motivated the APS Health and Wellness Department to launch a campaign to get kids – and staff – moving more during the school day.

The campaign, titled “Get in the Action,” kicks off today, Feb. 16, at 1:15 p.m. at Mission Avenue Elementary, 725 Mission Avenue NE, when students will take a break from their school work to exercise.

“Students who are healthy and physically active are more likely to be motivated, attentive and academically successful,” said Jennie McCary, APS Wellness Manager. “Our goal is to make physical activity a routine part of the school and work day.”

Schools throughout APS have been encouraged to incorporate a physical activity into their daily routine such as walking, stretching and breathing activities. McCary also is suggesting that schools offer wellness tips as part to their morning announcements.

In March, as students prepare for the New Mexico Standards Based Assessment, teachers might incorporate “brain breaks” into student schedules, or schools might want to start their days with “Jammin’ Minutes,” which are school-wide movement activities led over the intercom immediately after morning announcements, McCary said.

These suggestions and more are posted to the APS Get in the Action website at along with links to other websites that offer additional simple strategies for moving more during the day.

“Schools are encouraged to incorporate these activities or any other ideas they might have to get everyone moving more,” said McCary. “Schools might pick one or two activities to try each month. And if they’re already doing something that’s working, to keep it going.”

The campaign will culminate with 15 minutes of simultaneous physical activity at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, May 4. McCary said she hopes to have all schools in the district participate.

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