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Steps to Completing Online Volunteer Application

Detailed instructions on how to complete the volunteer application.

  1. Go to
  2. Click  Volunteer Now
  3. New User?  Register a User ID and Password
    1. Returning user may log in User ID and Password
    2. If you have ever applied for or worked for APS you may already have a User ID and Password.  If you need assistance with the registration process, contact APS Applicant Processing at 889-4820
    1. Click “Add New Application”
  5. What type of position are you applying for?
    1. Click “Volunteer”
  6. Click “Start Application”
  7. Complete entire application.  Be sure to click “Save/Continue” at the bottom of each page.
  8. PAYMENT - click “ Payment via credit card using Paypal”
    1. Then click “Pay Now”
    2. Enter credit card information to submit payment.
  9. EMAIL - Once your payment has been processed by Paypal, you will receive an email with the payment reference number.
  10. YOU MUST THEN go back into the website ( to enter the payment reference number.
    1. Go to “Background Check Payment” page of the online application.
    2. Please provide reference number provided by PayPal: Enter payment reference number in the box.
    3. Click “Save/Continue”
    4. Click “Submit”
    1. You may call the Application Processing Office, at ph.889-4820, to verify they received your application.
  12. EMAIL -You will receive an email notifying you that your application has been approved within 3-10 business days.  YOU MUST PRINT AND HAVE EMAIL WITH YOU WHEN YOU ATTEND SCHOOL FUNCTIONS AND/OR VOLUNTEER.