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Posted March 12, 2018

Siembra Leadership High School

Director of Community Engagement

Job Announcement

Siembra Leadership High School is looking for smart, committed, hardworking, people who are interested in efforts to improving the education for students and families in the Southwest quadrant of Albuquerque. We are looking to hire creative, energetic staff members who are enthusiastic about doing things differently to help build a new model of education.

Siembra Leadership High School Mission Statement

The mission of Siembra Leadership High School (SLHS) is to prepare academically underserved students for entrepreneurial careers that reflect the values and needs of the Westside and South Valley Communities through collaboration with entrepreneurs, and an emphasis on social, emotional and intellectual growth.

Minimum Qualifications

Administrative License Preferred

Masters Degree

Minimum 5 years working with youth

Preferred Qualities

  • Experience in marketing and recruitment
  • 3+ years’ experience in a marketing role
  • Strong organization and prioritization skills
  • Ability to work well in a fast-paced, collaborative environment
  • Strong understanding of Albuquerque entrepreneurial sector
  • Strong understanding of resources for family support. 
  • Excellent analytical, communication and presentation skills


Director of Community Engagement Job Description

The Director of Community Engagement is the face and liaison for the school in the community. This staff member is responsible for ensuring the community is actively involved within the school. The chief responsibilities of the Director of Community Engagement are the overall strategy, implementation, organizational development and oversight of community relations in the best interest of the school and student recruitment.

  • Seeks builds and maintains strong relationships with external community members, neighbors, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. 
  • Coaches and prepares staff in the mastering of Service Learning practices
  • Collaborates with local Middle and High Schools for intentional student recruitment
  • Collaborates with Director of Student Support in coordinating explorations for whole school and individual students
  • Collects data on a yearly basis regarding partnership development, partnership maintenance, community projects, and    community feedback as well as track community building
  • Communicates to the Public through an electronic newsletter
  • Contacts families and students for recruitment
  • Coordinates Exhibitions; logistics, schedules, recruitment of judges, school preparation and obtaining venues
  • Coordinates site visits with community partners and local government agencies
  • Creates opportunities to engage parents with school, conduct community dialogues and oversee school participation in events in community
  • Cultivates deep and meaningful partnerships based on reciprocity that will help support all aspects of the school as well as managing partnerships in formal and informal arrangements
  • Disseminates flyers into the community for student recruitment
  • Identifies and leverages external resources to help Siembra Leadership reach its mission to create a group of aspiring professionals who will become leaders in their community
  • Develops staff skills at all levels of the organization to create a culture of community engagement
  • Develops and submits EPSS Bonus Points
  • Engages actively with industry partners on innovative projects in collaboration with Director of Curriculum, Instructional and Assessment
  • Ensures awareness of school events
  • Identifies and secures partners for Service Learning
  • Leads potential student tours
  • Leads Professional Development on Service Learning, engaging partners, powerful exhibitions, and recruitment
  • Leads in student recruitment
  • Manages and hires Jesuit Volunteer and/or Public Ally
  • Monitors Service Learning sites
  • Oversees the maintenance of website content for Public Relations
  • Oversees student discipline in collaboration with Executive Director and Director of Student Support
  • Performs other duties assigned by the Executive Director
  • Plans, coordinates and documents Service Learning initiatives
  • Prepares teachers how to actively engage Industry partners with the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  • Presents to Schools for recruitment of students
  • Provides professional development to staff and community to ensure community engagement is embraced and supported within the school and embedded in culture.
  • Represents Siembra at community events
  • Seeks, builds and maintains strong relationships with external community members, neighbors, government agencies and nonprofit organizations
  • Supervises students during pertinent transitions of the school day
  • Supports with new student orientation in the beginning of the school year in collaboration with Directors



Salary begins at $62,000 with benefits. 


For Consideration, applicant must submit:

  • A letter of interest addressing the qualification and experience
  • Statement of educational philosophy
  • A current curriculum vitae/resume
  • 3 references- direct supervisors preferred



How to Apply 

            All applicants will be screened based on desirable qualifications and relevant experience. Only the most qualified applicants will be scheduled for interviews. All other applications will be placed in a talent bank for future consideration. 


Please submit all requested to materials to: 


Moises Padilla

Executive Director 


            No phone correspondence please 


            AtSiembraLeadershipHighSchool,wedon’tjustacceptdifference-wecelebrateit,we supportit,andwethriveonitforthebenefitofouremployees,studentsandfamilies.Siembra Leadershipisproudtobeanequalopportunityworkplaceandisanaffirmativeaction employer. 

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