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Posted May 3, 2018

Siembra Leadership High School

Project-Based Learning Teacher/Advisor

Siembra Leadership High School is a start-up charter going into its third year of operation. We
are growing! Siembra is adding at least three new teaching positions for the 2018 - 2019
academic year. We are also launching a unique evening re-engagement program next year in
addition to our day program. We are looking for authentic, passionate, dynamic and inspiring
educators who will demonstrate commitment to improving education for students and families
through student support, community engagement and project-based learning. We value creative
and energetic educators who have an enthusiastic approach to leadership development, as it
applies to both themselves and students.
Siembra Leadership High School Mission Statement
The mission of Siembra Leadership High School (SLHS) is to prepare academically underserved
students for entrepreneurial careers that reflect the values and needs of the Westside and South
Valley Communities through collaboration with entrepreneurs, and an emphasis on social,
emotional, and intellectual growth.
Position Description:
Teachers are chiefly responsible for carrying out the mission of the school based on the
following duties:
● Ability to work in an environment that mimics that of a start up company, including but
not limited to: ability/willingness to adapt in the moment, working in uncertainty,
willingness to demonstrate courageous initiative, risk taking, development of systems and
participation in the co-creation of a startup school setting.
● Design authentic and engaging entrepreneurial focused projects aligned to identified
learning objectives.
● Commitment to a ‘mastery-based’ instructional method and assessment process that
engages young people in a skill development and content knowledge that is not based on
traditional measures of seat time and letter grades.
● Collaborate in a co-teaching model to develop regular cross disciplinary projects that
culminate in exhibitions of learning at the end of each trimester and/or school year.
● Provide “inclusive” instruction to accommodate for students with learning disabilities and
language acquisition needs.
● Support the development of students’ soft skills in a group work model.
● Facilitate the growth of a physically and emotionally safe school culture through daily
activities during both project and advisory work.
● Lead an advisory caseload of students through the four-year experience of the school by
supporting those students in their intellectual and social and emotional development.
● Engage families through asset based and positive youth development frameworks.
● Participate in ongoing professional development trainings. Develop professional
development trainings for staff with regard to area(s) of expertise.
● Operate classrooms that are open to visitors and community partners who wish to learn
about/experience the school model.
● Commitment to other essential duties as necessitated in a start-up school with a small
Required Qualifications:
● Bachelor’s degree or higher
● New Mexico teaching license
● Ability to pass a background check
Preferred Qualifications :
● Experience supporting the social and emotional needs of students
● Bilingual/bicultural
● Endorsements in multiple content areas
● Science and/or Math endorsement
● Modern and Classical Language(s) endorsement
● Special Education License
How to Apply:
For consideration, applicant(s) must submit the following materials directly to Jaqi Baldwin,
Director of Student Support at :
● Letter of interest demonstrating qualification and experience
● Personal statement of educational philosophy
● Current curriculum vitae or resume
● 3 references - direct supervisors preferred
● Copies of current license(s)
All applicants will be screened based on desirable qualifications and relevant experience. The
most qualified applicants will be scheduled for position interviews. All other applicant
submissions will be placed in a talent bank for future consideration.
At Siembra Leadership High School, we do not just accept difference - we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive
on it for the benefit of our employees, students and families. Siembra Leadership is proud to be an equal
opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer.

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