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Elementary School

    Middle Schools

    Corrales International

    Phone: (505) 344-9733
    Sheley Wimmer Biomedical

    High Schools

    Albuquerque High School

    Phone: (505) 843-6400
    Guerra, Lizeth Culinary Arts
    Lober, Sherry Marketing
    Medina, Veronica Culinary Arts
    Pepke, Dale CAD/Woods
    Strauss, Eric -  Dept Chair Marketing

    Atrisco Heritage

    Phone: (505) 243-1458
    Gutierrez, Jennifer Comp Apps
    Kurland, Nicole Film/Media
    Trujillo, Walter Scott Film
    Soto, Roland Marketing
    Young, Danielle Culinary Arts


    Phone: (505) 247-3658
    Amberg, Jocelyn Nursing
    Baker, Connie Nursing
    Dolce, Stephen Auto Tech
    Duarte, Judy Cosmetology
    Hern, Clarabelle Cosmetology
    Johnson, Carolyn Nursing
    Kious, Patricia Nursing
    Lombardi, Michael Bus/Mkt
    Mulroy, Mark Auto Tech
    Nord, Mike Electronics
    Nord, Ross Media
    Romero, Cecilia Cosmetology
    Weatherford, Rebbeca Nursing
    Whitney, Kay Nursing

    Cibola High School

    Phone: (505) 897-0110
    Gurule, Abe Auto
    Kiwanuka, Aleita Sewing/Fashion
    Nord, Barbara CAD
    Medina, Steve Marketing
    Faulkner, Gaye Culinary

    DATA Charter

    Phone: (505) 341-0888
    Gonzales, Eddie Film
    Hunemuller, Evalynne Director
    Krehoff, Amber CAD

    Del Norte High School

    Phone: (505) 883-7222
    Reynolds, Matthew Auto Tech/Woods
    Spradlin, Benton Business
    Corral, Laura Computers

    Eldorado High School

    Phone: (505) 296-4871
    Blatner, Miskee Working w/ Young Children
    Sleeter, Rick Marketing
    Gonzales, Don CAD/Woods
    Brandy Ansotigue Business/Marketing
    Meyer, Kristin Culinary Arts
    Ryan, Mark Comp Apps
    Platt, Joe Auto Tech

    Highland High School

    Phone: (505) 265-3711
    Cline, Debi - Dept Chair Marketing
    Flores, Pamela WWYC
    Herrera, Maria Culinary Arts
    Loving, Joey CAD
    Richard, Gabe Woods
    Sievert, Jason Auto
    Washington, Stacy Marketing

    La Cueva

    Phone: (505) 823-2327
    Bryant, John Business Tech/Accounting
    Berger, Greg Woods
    Doorn, Jim CAD
    Faulkner, Richard Marketing
    Jones, Teri Accounting 1 & 2/ADV Marketing
    Manus, Lacee Marketing

    Manzano High School

    Phone: (505) 559-2200
    Asselin, Timothy Special Ed. Woods
    Boyd, Tom CAD/Woods
    Heckes, Linda DECA
    Gillespie, Heather - Dept Chair Culinary Arts
    Martinez, Francesca Working w/ Young Children
    Sanchez, Kristine Transition Services
    Walsh, Larry Business Management

    New Futures High School

    Phone: (505) 883-5680
    Daniel, Naomi Comp Apps
    Sue Davis Child Dev/Sewing Fashion

    Rio Grande High School

    Phone: (505) 873-0220
    Brettelle, Robert Metals
    Chorn, Jefferson Auto
    Delgado, Janet Culinary Arts
    Minidis Woods
    Kaufman, Kurt CAD/Comp App
    Sambrano, Anita Fashion/Design/Childcare

    Sandia High School

    Phone: (505) 294-1511
    Banach, Kerri Comp Graphics
    Gillespie, Bert Woods
    Ireland, Marianne Business/DECA
    Kupchala, Marcy WWYC
    Valdez, Unna Culinary Arts
    Washington, Aldophus Auto Tech/CAD
    Wilson, Linda Marketing

    Valley High School

    Phone: (505) 345-9021
    Grube, Serri CAD
    Pettus, Fara Culinary Arts
    Tang, Daniel Woods
    Wells, Matthew Marketing

    Volcano Vista High School

    Phone: (505) 890-0343
     Colburn, Brian Marketing
    Gustafson, Karn - Dept Chair CAD/Digital Film
    Hahn, Rylee Culinary Arts & Food Service
    Melloy, David Auto

    West Mesa High School

    Phone: (505) 831-6993
    Zamora, Deborah Culinary Arts
    Bova, Pat Metals
    Lopopolo, Marcus CAD
    See, Jim Marketing/DECA
    Wood, Ben Woods
    McLeod, Scott Auto Tech

    Middle Schools

    Cleveland Middle School

    Phone: (505) 881-9227
    Castle, Rachel FACS

    Desert Ridge Middle school

    Phone: (505) 857-9282
    Lackey, Fred InfoTech/Web Design
    Nanco, Kyra FACS
    Weisenhaus, Ralph Woods
    Baker, Susan CAD/Technology/Web Design

    Eisenhower Middle School

    Phone: (505) 292-2530
    Michelle Morris Info Tech
    Sanchez, Christopher InfoTech
    Serda, Andrea Fashion/Child Care

    Ernie Pyle Middle School

    Phone: (505) 877-3770
    Sultemeier, Connie Info Tech

    Garfield Middle School

    Phone: (505) 344-1647
    Betzen, Rebecca Comp Apps

    Grant Middle School

    Phone: (505) 299-2113
    Blaine, Melissa FACS
    Johnson, Lauralyn Info Tech

    Hayes Middle School

    Phone: (505) 265-7741
    Jimenez, Peggy Info Tech/Bus Tech

    Hoover Middle School

    Phone: (505) 298-6896
    Blech, Kessick Business Tech
    Schlee, Ryan Business Tech

    Jackson Middle School

    Phone: (505) 298-1282
    Glennon, Karen Keyboarding

    James Monroe Middle School

    Phone: (505) 897-0101
    Dennis, Cindy FACS
    O'Connor, Shelley Info Tech
    Gonzalez, Michelle Info Tech
    Olson, Jessie Foods/Sewing

    Jefferson Middle School

    Phone: (505) 255-8691
    Harris, Laurie Business Tech
    Mraz, Barb FACS
    Vincent Montoya Business Tech

    Jimmy Carter Middle School

    Phone: (505) 833-7540
    Santiago, Diana Business Tech
    Rael, Diana Consumer Decisions/FACS

    John Adams Middle School

    Phone: (505) 831-0400
    Danzer, Martin Computers/Web Design

    Kennedy Middle School

    Phone: (505) 298-6701
    Samantha Valkenberg Info Tech

    LBJ Middle School

    Phone: (505) 898-1492
    Blech, Briana Info Technology
    Kim Hutchinson Info Technology
    Homstead, Karen Foods
    Newton, Amy Technology

    Madison Middle School

    Phone: (505) 299-4735
    Meis, Brittny Info Tech
    Blais, Janie Foods
    Rhoton, Tamela Info Tech
    Jessie Olson Media Literacy

    McKinley Middle School

    Phone: (505) 881-9390
    Bernier, Cynthia Info Tech

    Roosevelt Middle School

    Phone: (505) 281-3316
    Chelsea VanKlaveren Home Ec

    Taft Middle School

    Phone: (505) 344-4389
    Morgan Cordell Info Tech
    Joel Hardy Woods/Technology

    Tony Hillerman Middle School

    Phone: (505) 792-0698
    Alonzo, Cathy Info Tech
    Mitchell, Kristen Media Literacy
    Gregory Vehor FACS
    Frank Kittredge Technology

    Washington Middle School

    Phone: (505) 764-2000
    Tapia, Carolyn Business Tech

    Wilson Middle School

    Phone: (505) 268-3961
    Irene, Trauernicht Business Tech
    Marcos Harris Principal
    Career Technical Education News
    Save the Date: CNM Open House & Advisory Meeting
    School of Business & Information Technology Advisory Meeting Friday, October 20th, 2017 8:00am-10:00am
    CNM Fall 2017 Classes GIS and Surveying
    Hello there,   I am reaching out to members of the CNM GIS and Surveying Advisory Committee to let you know about our upcoming fall classes.  Please share this information with your employees, or anyone who might be interested.  Registering is simple—just visit for information, or I’m happy to answer your questions directly.   Many thanks!   Amy Ballard Associate Dean, School of Applied Technologies   Central New Mexico Community College 525 Buena Vista SE Albuquerque, NM  87106 505-224-3368
    U.S. Presidential Scholars in Career & Technical Education Program New Mexico CTE Nomination Form
    U.S. Presidential Scholars in Career & Technical Education Program New Mexico CTE Nomination Form