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Posted January 3, 2017

Perkins Grant Application Documents/Mandatory Meeting 1-12-17

Perkins Grant Application Documents/Mandatory Meeting 1-12-17 Crowne Plaza Hotel

Attached are the documents and timelines for next year’s Perkins Grant Application and the letter from Sheryl.  The MANDATORY MEETING will be held at the Crowne Plaza on January 12th from 8:00-2:30.  Please bring any documents you have begun or if you applied last year you may want to bring last year’s documents to refer to as you collaborate with others in the same program of study.



Friday, January 20th 

Document 1 - Program of Study Signature Page

Document 2 - Site Agreement 

Be sure that you have your administrator’s signature as well as your own.

Document 3 - Program of Study 

Be sure to include the school name and location as well as your name at the top of this



We will need the originals sent interoffice mail to our office at 590 West


Friday, February 3rd   

Document 4 - Program of Study Worksheet 

Please be accurate on the course requirements and dual credit info, be aware that there are 4 important questions at the end of the document. 

Be sure to include your advisory dates, (2 are required) even if they are tentative we can inform PED if the dates change, this area delayed the approval last year.

Document 5 – Next Step Plan

This document will mirror Document 4, complete carefully and completely 

We must submit this document to the post-secondary schools and the Superintendent for signatures, the courses must line up with the agreements between the CNM, UNM, etc. and the district. We also need to make sure that the courses are properly entered in Synergy for data required by PED.



Friday, February 17th

Document 6 – Appendix C Narrative Questions
This document is very important, what is written here is closely reviewed by PED, if this is not complete it can hold up the approval process for the entire grant.  Please be very detailed.

Friday, March 3rd

Document 7 – Perkins Program of Study Budget
Be sure to include copies of your quotes for equipment/supplies you are requesting, be specific on the budget sheet listing the items, quantities and prices.
Travel - be sure to research costs for registration, flights, hotels, transportation, etc. - when the budgets are approved they are based upon what you have requested there must be enough money to cover the costs when the travel takes place in order for you to participate.  Note: ACTE Conference - Be reminded you are only allowed to include 3 people for this conference including yourself, all those who will attend must be a part of your POS/PLC Team and their names must appear on your Site Agreement. Support teachers MUST be either Math or English in order to be included for the conference.
If you are asking for buses be sure to use “worksite experience trip”, do not use the words field trip.
If you have any questions please feel free to call the office at 855-5284.