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Posted January 19, 2016

CTE Posters

As we have discussed in the past we will be utilizing posters at all school sites for awareness and recruitment of students to all CTE classes for the 2016-2017 school year.


Please get together as a department to determine what type of posters will best represent your programs and your school.  They need to be printed and displayed in each of your schools and will need to be emailed to our office to be printed for distribution to 8th grade teachers at the Middle Schools prior to registration for the upcoming school year.  Therefore if additional supplies and materials will be needed at your school please contact Germaine at the CTE office at 855-5284.


Schools will begin preparing for registration soon and we must have the promotional posters ready prior to registration for the upcoming school year.  Keep in mind we are promoting not only all of our CTE Programs but participation of student in Non-Traditional courses.


Your immediate attention is much appreciated.  Email electronic copes of the posters to Charae at so we can print the flyers for the Middle Schools.