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The APS Capital Master Plan (CMP) has guided APS capital improvement investments for the last 24 years. Since its adoption in 1989, the plan has directed over $3 billion of improvements in district facilities.

The CMP APS conducts a systematic evaluation of all facilities every five years to develop the Capital Master Plan Strategy. Architects visit every school in the district and identify deficiencies with input from school administrators. Growth needs are identified by extensive demographic analysis and assessment of the use and capacity of every school facility All school technology was also assessed in 2004 and again in 2009. Other needs are based on a department requests and independent review

1985 - APS starts to use a 8 mill levy ("pay-as-you-go") to finance district capital needs.

1988 - An election to increase mill levy funding fails 2:1. A post-election survey indicates that voters were not angry at the district, but did not want to pay more taxes. Facilities Master Planning (FMP) process was started and was completed in 1989. APS Facilities Master Plan adopted and used to guide capital requests to district voters and expenditures.

1989 - Mill levy reduced to 4 mills because of yield control.

1990 - A mill levy continuation was approved by voters by a 5:1 margin.

1992 - Finance Election Advisory Committee recommends that APS use a combination of funding sources to meet capital needs (GO Bonds, Mill Levies). FMP Review Committee recommends a $66.5 million bond and $30 million mill levy (SB 9) school finance package.

1993 - School finance package is approved 2:1 by voters

1994 - Board adopts 1996-2001 Capital Strategy

1995 - HB33 96-01 approved by voters

1996 - GO 96 / SB9 97 approved by voters

1999 - GO 99 / SB9 00 approved by voters

1999 - 2001 - 05 Capital Strategy approved by Board

2000 - HB33 01-05 approved by voters

2002 - GO 02/SB9 03 not approved by voters

2003 - GO 03/SB9 04 approved by voters

Scales back technology recommendations, accelerates westside growth-related projects Facilities Master Plan incorporates technology and becomes the "Capital Master Plan"

2005 - HB 06- 10 approved by voters

2006 - GO 06 and GO Supplemental approved by voters

2007 - SB 9 08-13 approved by voters

2010 - HB33 2011-16 and GO 10 approved by voters

2013 – SB9 14-19 and GO 13 approved by voters


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