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Albuquerque Public Schools is offering the i-Ready program an an option for Grades 6 - 8 in the 2016-2017 school year.  This program offers an adaptive diagnostic assessment and may be used as a placement tool for Math and Reading. This will potentially be required for any school engaged in a NMPED PSB Triannual visit cycle, at Associate Superintendent direction and in collaboration with the principal.

Assessment Windows

The Teacher and Student rosters will be synced nightly from Synergy. This should take care of any new students and any school transfers. The School Admin accounts are being added manually. If you need school wide access to the i-Ready system, please have your principal email to have you added. 


i-Ready Login 


Print Student Login Tickets

These instructions are for School Admins. You will need to be logged in to to see the info. 

 i-Ready Scale Score Placement Tables



Instructional Groups

How To Set Up Instructional Groups


Rush Notice

The system will keep track of how long it takes for a student to answer each question. If the student is not spending enough time on the questions, the system will put a rush notice on their account. If the teacher feels that the data is not accurate because the student rushed through the diagnostic, they can have that student retake the assessment. 

How to Find the Rush Notice


Retake a Diagnostic

If a student rushed through the diagnostic and you want them to retake the assessment, please follow the instructions to "Add a Diagnostic". The data from the first diagnostic that they rushed through will still be there, however the reports will pull the data from the most recent diagnostic. If a student has already moved on to instruction in i-Ready and you add a diagnostic, they will need to complete the new diagnostic before the system will allow them to move on to additional instruction. The instructions below were taken directly from the i-Ready training guides.

Retake Instructions for Teachers

Retake Instructions for School Admins


Training Webinar

You may view the training webinar that i-Ready created for APS for the 2016-2017 school year. It is a 90 minute webinar that covers administration and reporting of the diagnostic assessment. 

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