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ELL Guidance

State Assessment Guidance for ELL Students

First Year in U.S. Schools

  • This option available to only first year in the United States students.
  • These students have a language exemption in Reading.
  • Language-proficiency test (W-APT) and WIDA ACCESS substitutes for participation in Reading.
  • These students must still test in writing, math and other subjects.
  • Scores DO NOT count towards school grades.

First 3 years attending school in the United States

  1. Students must participate in English or Spanish language versions of assessments, with or without accommodations
      • Student may take assessments in Spanish:
        • PARCC Math
        • SBA Science
        • SBA Spanish Language Arts (in lieu of PARCC ELA)
        • End of Course exams
          • Exception Reading End of Course exam

    3 or more years attending school in the United States

    1. Students must participate in English language versions of assessment, with or without accommodations.
    2. A waiver is available for up to two additional years to continue testing a student in his or her home language. (4th & 5th Years in U.S. Schools)
    3. A waiver is only good for one year. A waiver must be resubmitted for a maximum of 2 submissions per student.
    4. A waiver must be submitted to APS Testing and the district must submit all waivers to NM PED by specified date.

    High School English Language Learner Students

    1. Students in 9th grade who qualify for the Spanish Language Arts (SLA) test do not have to take PARCC ELA assessment. (SLA is only for 10- 11 graders)
    2. Students in 9th – 11th grade who speak languages other than Spanish, have to take PARCC ELA assessments with appropriate accommodations.
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