PAGE 2-Student Profile

·         Area of need should address the academic area in which the student qualified

·         Area of need should be academic if the teacher is responsible for the academic area.

·         Address gifted strands in this section

·         Include in strengths of student-passion areas, awards, community involvement, leadership,

critical thinking, creativity

·         Be sure to have addressed strands that may become goal areas


PAGE 4-Goal Sheet

·         Address areas in which the student qualified or any area of need that has been identified

·         Need area can be strand or academic area

·         Consider the needs/strengths of the student

·         Refer to gifted strands and standards in the gifted curriculum guide

·         Remember the “I’ in IEP.

·         Goals should be written so that any teacher of the gifted can understand and implement them


Possible Goals:


In the gifted class, Bonnie will increase her use of independent problem-solving  _____%  by September, 2007.


Roger will increase in at least one area of creativity ____% above the baseline by September, 2007.


PAGE 5—Least Restrictive Environment


Possible statement: Due to superior ability in (math which is two grade levels above grade-level peers and critical thinking which is not addressed in depth in general-education classrooms),   _______ requires differentiated curriculum, instruction, materials and planned interaction with intellectual peers by a specially-trained teacher in a small-group setting.


PAGE 8—Modifications for gifted are at the end of each grouping.  Check only the ones appropriate for each student.


Elementary:  Questions to ask the general-education teacher when a student has qualified in achievement:

¾    What are the supports and services you need to teach ________ to this child?

¾    How will you provide direct instruction for concept development?

¾    How many students are working at this level in your classroom?


If modifications in the general-education setting are required to meet the needs of the students, the consultation time with the classroom teacher should be included to the hours of service—i.e. 30 to 60 minutes a week.