Albuquerque Public Schools requires that anyone new to teaching gifted education (beginning Fall 1999) will be required to have the following 12 hours of university coursework:

  1. Nature and Needs of the Gifted (or other gifted intro class) 3 credit hours
  2. A Strategies Class 3 credit hours
    1. Instructional Strategies for the Gifted (recommended) or
    2. Creativity and Problem Solving for the Gifted
  3. Methods and Materials for Gifted 3 credit hours
    1. Curriculum for the Gifted or
    2. Teaching the Gifted (including curriculum development)
  4. Special Education Survey Class for the Twice Exceptional 3 credit hours

(You may submit any graduate-level class that addresses LD, ED, or BD - if that is not in the title, submit a course description or syllabus for confirmation.)


        The employee is further required to have a current teaching certificate.


I understand that:

        I am required to take a minimum of 6 hours each year and that I have up to two (2) years to fulfill this requirement. Grade reports must be submitted to HR by June 1st each year. A transcript is required at the completion of the 12 hours in gifted.


        I am currently in another program – Masters or New Teacher. I understand that I must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 hours each semester (for master, new teacher, or gifted) and will have up to three (3) years to complete the 12 hours required for gifted. Grade reports must be submitted to HR at the end of each semester. A transcript is required at the completion of the 12 hours in gifted.


Call APS Human Resources for additional information: 889-4830

  ONLINE COURSES: Teachers of the Gifted


A search on the internet will list many on-line options for meeting the APS Coursework Requirements for teachers of the gifted. Listed below are sites where teachers have been satisfied:


CASENEX: University of Virginia
College of William and Mary
University of Connecticut
University of Missouri-Columbia


University of Georgia


New Mexico State University

Contact Dr. Teresa Rowlison


New Mexico Highlands University

Contact John Frazzini




FACE to FACE Classes in Albuquerque


University of New Mexico

Contact Elizabeth Nielsen