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Dual Credit Fast Facts

Get more information on how students can earn college credit while still in high school.

Information provided by the Central New Mexico Community College.

What is dual credit?

    Dual credit is a program that allows high school students to take college classes while they are still in high school.

      Who can participate?

        At CNM, dual credit is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors attending public or charter high schools.

          What is the cost of dual credit?

            College tuition and registration fees are free to the high school student. Textbook costs are taken care of by the public school district. The student is responsible for any additional fees or equipment requirements.

            What are the benefits to participating in dual credit?

              • Dual credit helps students graduate from high school. Starting with the high school class of 2013, students are now required to complete a dual credit, honors, Advanced Placement or online class to earn a high school diploma. With dual credit, students earn one elective credit at the high school for every three-credit college class they successfully complete.
              • Dual credit students can gain confidence needed to finish college by experiencing that first college class. Students earn college credit toward a certificate or associate’s degree while not paying tuition. Dual credit can help students graduate college with little to no debt.
              • Dual credit students also have access to college services such as tutoring centers, libraries, computer labs, academic advisement, student clubs and CNM Connect.

                How are dual credit classes offered?

                  High school students can register for any college-level class that they meet the prerequisite requirement. Dual credit students can be found at all five CNM campuses taking classes with other college students.

                  Dual Credit classes can also be offered in the high school. High school teachers who meet CNM’s college teaching qualifications can teach the college class on the high school campus.

                    Is there a limit to the number of classes a dual credit student can take?

                      CNM does not limit the number of dual credit classes a high school student can take. The student must be enrolled in high school half time and meet the prerequisite requirements to take college classes. Students can take classes during the fall, spring and summer terms.

                      Several students have graduated with associate degrees or certificates at the same time that they have earned their high school diploma. Many students have been able to complete a semester or a year of college before they graduate from high school.

                        Are dual credit students limited to certain types of classes?

                          High school students can take any college-level class with the exception of fitness classes. Dual credit offers a great way for students to explore subjects such as psychology, nutrition, welding, carpentry, engineering and communications. It’s also a great way to start working on core education classes that are needed to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

                          For more information, call CNM’s Outreach Services Office at (505) 224-4673 or email