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APS Implementation of CCSS

Albuquerque Public Schools is implementing the Common Core Standards in order to prepare all students for success in college and/or their careers.

  • The Common Core is designed to connect K-12 standards to the demands of readiness for post-secondary education.
  • The standards are focused, coherent, integrated, and clear. Clearer standards help students (and parents and teachers) understand what is expected of them.
  • Expectations are consistent for ALL students, resulting in academic success that closes the Achievement Gap and encourages accelerated student progress.
  • The Common Core closes the gap in the quality of high school courses across schools by offering ALL students rigorous high school core courses.
  • The rigorous core curriculum and focus of the Common Core close the gap in college readiness as well as increase success rates for college retention, completion and achievement.
  • The standards are internationally benchmarked. Common standards will help ensure our students are globally competitive.
  • The Common Core is focused, thus giving students and teachers more time to master the essential skills.
  • Common Core instruction supports teaching that addresses the needs of ALL students including ELL, bilingual and culturally diverse students.
  • High standards for ALL students close the gap between aspirations for college and career and readiness to achieve success in either arena for ALL students.
  • Adoption of the Common Core addresses the variation in quality and rigor across the nation. Major studies identified the existing state standards are a mile wide and an inch deep - they lack focus and coherence.
  • The Common Core was developed using the research and knowledge from top-performing countries, educators, content experts, researchers and national organizations.
  • The standards create a foundation to work collaboratively across states and districts, pooling resources and expertise, to create curricular tools, professional learning, common assessments and other materials.
  • CCSS is a state-led effort of 45 states with teams of teachers, curriculum and assessment experts, researchers, and national organizations.