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Posted October 6, 2015

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Special Ed Teacher Exemplifies Dedication

Supt. Reedy recognizes adapted PE teacher Doris Merzweiler and all those like her who go above and beyond to see that students get the help they need to succeed.

Adapted PE students

I was in the library at Hayes Middle School recently, surrounded by special needs students in the Intensive Support Program, when their PE teacher found out she’s in the running for a $100,000 national grant.

The scene was organized chaos with children cheering, whooping, groaning, fidgeting and squirming. Most, to be honest, didn’t understand that their teacher hopes to buy interactive technology that will allow students with disabilities to exercise daily. What these students did know – what they could sense – was that they were in the presence of people who truly care about them and who want to meet their needs, nurture their interests, cater to their wants.

That’s how it is with special education teachers across the district, including adapted PE teachers like Doris Merzweiler a finalist for the 2015 Farmers Dream Big Challenge. Doris, and teachers like her, will do whatever it takes to help their students succeed – even if it means entering a national competition that requires an aggressive online voting campaign. (If you’d like to support Doris, go here for more information).

Actually, the same can be said for teachers of all grades, subjects and students in Albuquerque Public Schools. Whether they’re meeting after class with a middle schooler who’s struggling with math, or advising a junior on college applications, or coaching an elementary school running club, our teachers and staff go above and beyond to see that students get the help they need to succeed.

Good luck to Doris. She deserves to win the $100,000 grant because she intends to use the money to better the lives of our kids. And thanks to all of you who, like her, truly care about our students.

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