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Posted: August 17, 2018

News from the Superintendent

School Grades Show Improvement

A message from Supt. Reedy about grades released by the state on Friday, Aug. 17.

We’re heading in the right direction.

The state Public Education Department released school grades on Friday, Aug. 17, and I’m happy to report that more than a third of our schools improved by a least one letter grade.

Eight improved by two letter grades including two of our schools labeled by the state as in need of more rigorous intervention: Hawthorne and Los Padillas elementary schools both earned Cs.

And three of our schools – Bandelier and Eugene Field elementaries and Madison Middle School – improved their school grade by a whopping three letter grades!

Speaking of middle schools: about half of ours improved by at least one letter grade. Two high schools, Albuquerque High and New Futures, also saw improved grades.

The grade for the majority of our schools remained the same as last year’s, and about 20 of our schools saw their grade drop.

So what does all this mean? We will be analyzing these grades in the coming days to determine just that, focusing on what we are doing right, figuring out what went wrong and making adjustments.

We are confident that many of our efforts in recent years are making a difference, and we will continue to implement these processes and programs. For example, we will continue to use data in a more focused manner with our Learning Zones, the K-12 continuum, instructional rounds, and 90-day plans to monitor growth and success.

We will focus on each school’s data and evidence statements to identify practices that will lead to solid results.

And we will continue to provide administrative support, regular updates and scrupulous monitoring.

In other words, we will continue to work on improving the education we provide for all of our students.

While school report cards provide valuable data that give us insight into the work we are doing, we also need to recognize the strides we make every day in our classrooms and schools that can’t be recorded as data.

It is hard work and it is appreciated. Thanks to all in the APS community for your commitment to improving the lives of our students.

Go here to see school grades.

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