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Posted April 18, 2016

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Educators Help Map Out the District's Future

Supt. Reedy talks about how educators are helping develop the district's Academic Master Plan in her weekly message to employees.

We asked a group of teachers this week to imagine the future of Albuquerque Public Schools as we continue our work on the Academic Master Plan.

What skills, dispositions, attitudes and characteristics will our graduates need to succeed in a world that we’re just now imagining? And how do we reshape teaching, learning, classrooms and schools to fulfill the needs of this future generation.

Tough questions. But as I walked around the old library at Sandia High School where about 50 educators from across the district convened, I grew confident that we are headed down the right path.

I heard compassion, enthusiasm and hope; I listened to conversations about culture, language, literacy and communications; I noticed both new and experienced educators using words like choice, adaptability, vision.

Some dared to go out on a limb: Do all students really need to learn Algebra II or Shakespeare, they asked. Is technology hurting our students as much as it’s helping them, they wondered. Could we knock down walls of the traditional classroom and expand it into the community, they pondered.  

And how do we serve the whole child who has needs and values; who seeks knowledge and skills; who wants comfort and fun; who struggles with self-regulation, self-confidence and self-identity.

Education, I surmised from the conversations around me, needs to go beyond core subjects. It needs to treat students as individuals with unique wants, talents and needs.

It needs to treat our educators the same way.

Astute thoughts that will help us flesh out our goals and develop focus areas and strategies for preparing our students for the happy, successful lives they deserve.

It makes sense to turn to practitioners as we develop the Academic Master Plan.  Their experience, insight and vision are proving to be invaluable. If you were a part of the focus group that met this week, I thank you for your time, thoughtfulness and input. If you weren’t a part of this group, there will be other opportunities to help us with this process.

I appreciate our dedicated employees who really do care about the future of this district, and more importantly the future of the children we serve.


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