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Posted December 16, 2016

District Faces Budget Cuts

In her weekly message to employees, Superintendent Reedy discusses how APS is addressing a decrease in state revenue.

As you may have heard, the state is facing dire financial times due to a dramatic decrease in oil and gas revenues. As a result, lawmakers have announced additional cuts to public school funding. For Albuquerque Public Schools, this could mean an additional $16 million in cuts on top of the $13 million that was cut during the special session of the Legislature in October.  

That could mean $29 million – about 4 percent – in cuts to this school year’s budget.

In an effort to keep cuts from impacting students, we are first looking for ways to reduce spending at the administrative level. For starters, there will be a furlough day for executive management in January, a hiring freeze for non-school personnel, and a close review of all administrative funding.
A budget steering committee will be meeting with departments to review all non-salary accounts. The primary target for cuts will be funding that doesn’t impact instruction or relate directly to compliance and legal requirements. 

It's been a tough decade for public education in New Mexico, and we don't have a lot of wiggle room in our budget. But please know my commitment is to the classroom. Students must come first.

It goes without saying that we will continue to be fiscally responsible. We have to realize that declining oil prices could mean more cuts down the road. It’s confusing and concerning to hear these daunting, ever-changing figures. I cringe when I hear worst-case scenarios being played out in the halls of schools, in the lines at the grocery store, in the local news. It pains me to see the angst it’s creating in our schools. You all have jobs to do; important jobs to do. And worrying about the district’s finances doesn’t make doing those jobs any easier. 

Please know that we are doing everything we can to make sure you are able to do your job and that our students will continue to get the education they want, need and deserve. That is my commitment to you.

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