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Posted April 13, 2018

Best in Class

Innovation and creativity are being recognized by the APS Education Foundation, Supt. Reedy writes in her weekly message.

Young writers for Coronado Elementary's La Prensa

I'm always impressed with the creative, innovative teaching that happens in our schools on a daily basis. You're thinking outside the box, taking risks, trying something new. And it's paying off!

Often, however, there is a price tag attached to innovation and creativity, whether it's for supplies, outreach, technology or other resources. The APS Education Foundation understands this, as does its donors. That is why the non-profit organization whose mission it is to support the students, teachers and schools of Albuquerque Public Schools has awarded hundreds of grants totaling more than a million dollars to APS classrooms, clubs, schools and departments over the past few years.

Innovation comes from you -- our teachers, administrators, support staff. It comes from our peers both here at home and across the nation. It comes from creative minds and caring hearts that understand what It means to interact, motivate and inspire students so that they continue to learn and grow.  

The Foundation helps nurture this innovation by offering grants with uplifting names like Horizon, Achieve, Success. These classroom and school contributions help improve instruction and outcomes. They help educators stay current while looking to the future. Like an incubator, they help grow ideas that are then shared and expanded. 

We see this all the time -- new and inspiring ideas that, with a little assistance, evolve and spread from teacher to school to zone to district.

On April 27 at the Foundation's second annual Gold Bar Gala, three of these grant award winners will be honored as the Best in Class: the 1+2 Colts Clubs Activity Day at Cleveland Middle School, the La Prensa newsletter at Coronado Elementary School, and the MAKERSPACE at E.G. Ross Elementary School. What excites me about the Best in Class is that they not only developed and grew wonderful programs and resources for their students, but they shared with their peers. 

Congratulations to the Best in Class and to all Foundation grant award winners, and thanks to those of you who took the time over the years to submit a grant application. Hundreds apply each year. If you haven't been selected yet, keep trying. Maybe next year's your turn. 

And keep thinking creatively, keep teaching innovatively, keep supporting each other. You are the best. 

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