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Posted January 16, 2018

APS Launches Twitter Campaign Focused on Learning

In her weekly message, Supt. Reedy writes about #ADayInSchool

What does #ADayInSchool look like?

Of course, you already know. It looks like inquiry, problem-solving and discovery.

It looks like collaboration, community and compassion.  

It looks like activity, tenacity and achievement.       

In Albuquerque Public Schools, #ADayInSchool looks like public education at its best. 

People who don’t spend their days in school may not appreciate all of the good things that are happening in our classrooms, labs, theaters, gyms, playgrounds, and more.

So, we’re going to show them.

Next week, we’re kicking off a social media campaign called #ADayInSchool just as the 2018 New Mexico Legislature convenes. The timing is deliberate. As lawmakers consider legislation and funding that impacts public education, we want to remind them – and the constituents they serve – of the important work we do on a daily basis.

I have a lot of respect for our state legislators who will be spending long hours over the next month addressing the many needs of our state, including public education. In many ways, these elected officials are our partners, working for a common cause – the wellbeing and happiness of New Mexicans including the state’s youngest and most vulnerable.

Bottom line – we all want our children to be successful. It is what’s best for them. It is what’s best for the future of New Mexico. So as legislators debate laws and budgets, our schools will be tweeting reminders of who those laws affect and where that money goes.  

We are encouraging all of our schools to tweet at least one positive image and/or message each school day during the session (Tuesday, Jan. 16-Thursday, Feb. 15) using the hashtag #ADayInSchool. (For those of you, like me, who aren’t very familiar with Twitter, the hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign - # - used to identify a message on a specific topic.)

It’s a simple, but impactful campaign. If everyone comes through, we will be tweeting well over 3,000 positive messages about Albuquerque Public Schools during the 30-day session. Those messages will be retweeted by @ABQschools (the district’s Twitter account) in hopes that #ADayInSchool goes viral.

If you have a Twitter account, we encourage you to retweet these positive messages or post some of your own.

We appreciate our legislators. We know they have a difficult task ahead of them, and we hope our positive messages will help provide encouragement as they make decisions that will impact the lives of our students, staff and families.

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