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Payroll Procedures - April 1997 Revision

Absence Due To Illness

Employees absent due to illness more than three or four consecutive days (refer to the negotiated Agreement) must submit a physician's certificate attesting to this illness to the principal or department head upon request. This certificate will be kept at the location. These certificates are used to verify illness when necessary.

Exceeding Leave Authorization

Periods of employee absence which will likely exceed leave time available must be reported in writing to both the Personnel Department and Payroll Office of the Finance Department by the department head or principal immediately upon knowledge of the situation.

Principals and department heads are responsible for monitoring leave balance and reports sent by Information Technology Services at the end of the fiscal year. Noted irregularities should be reported in writing to the Payroll Office.

Employees Paid Bi-weekly

Pay Period Time Records (Absence Sheets) for all employees paid bi-weekly (administrators, teachers, counselors, secretaries, clerks, custodians, maintenance, cafeteria, hourly, etc.) must be sent by the department and received by the Payroll Office by noon of the Monday preceding the normal payroll (check) date, unless otherwise specified by the Payroll Office. The Payroll Office is responsible for distributing time sheets to schools and departments in sufficient time to record absences and/or (hourly) work and overtime.

Employment, Leaves of Absence, and Termination’s

Employment, leaves of absence, and termination’s must be reported to the Personnel Department by the principal or department head immediately upon obtaining definite information. Form AC-05 (Employment Memorandum) is used for this purpose. The forms are available from the Instructional Warehouse.

Student Employees

Principals and department heads should contact the Human Resources Records Section for employee numbers to be assigned to students when students are to be paid on time sheet basis.

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NSBA/NEPN Classification: DKA

Revised: May 1995
Revised: April 1996
Revised: April 1997

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