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Advertising, Gifts and Donations



The Board of Education supports advertising initiatives that enhance the district goals and objectives.

All requests for any advertising agreements should be made through appropriate cluster assistant superintendents to the Office of Development. The Superintendent or designee will approve agreements on behalf of the district.

Advertising agreements may include, but are not limited to scoreboards, publications, broadcast (i.e. TV, radio), marquees, billboards.

Advertising requests which promote alcohol, tobacco, gaming, firearms, political endorsements, controversial products or services will not be permitted.

Gifts and Donations

The District may accept gifts, grants, donations, devices, and title to property. Acceptance of such material in no case should be considered as a testimonial or endorsement by the school system of a product or business enterprise. Monetary gifts are subject to APS accounting procedures.

All gifts received become the property of the District. Gifts and donations:

  1. must have a purpose consistent with the objectives of the district,
  2. must be offered by a donor acceptable to the Board of Education,
  3. must not add to the staff load,
  4. must not begin a program that the Board will be unwilling to take over when the gift or grant funds are exhausted,
  5. must not bring undesirable or hidden costs to the district,
  6. must be instructionally appropriate,
  7. must not create conflict with any provision of state or federal law or N.M. State Department of Education regulations.

If the gift is property or equipment, contact the assistant superintendent for Facilities, Planning and Operations to assure that the District can maintain the gift. Contact Risk management if additional insurance is needed or if there are unresolved liability issues.

Business School Partnerships

Business school partnerships are characterized by:

  1. Instructional basis or focus.
  2. Commitment to a long-term relationship based on a partnership plan.
  3. Establishment of a school committee and contact person by both partners.
  4. Reciprocal activities initiated by the school.

School-business interactions conceived for the sole purpose of soliciting donations for supplies and materials on an as-needed basis do not constitute a school partnership.

The school staff will not place two businesses providing the same or similar services in a partnership at the same school without seeking approval from the businesses involved in partnerships.

Distribution of the business partner mailing list is done at the discretion of APS staff. The list will not be distributed for the sole purpose of product or service promotion.

Coupons redeemable for products or services may be distributed through the school but the coupons must relate to or support an instructional activity. They cannot be distributed for the sole purpose of product or service promotion.


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NSBA/NEPN Classification: KHB, KGB

Approved: November 5, 1998

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