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High School Course Guidelines

District Course Numbers and Titles

Only those courses identified in the District Course Directory will be offered in APS schools. All approved courses must have a course description with competencies to be taught and measured on file in the High School Curriculum -- District Essentials and Guidelines (Yellow Book).

The course titles, descriptions, and complete five digit numbers will be established by the Directors of Teaching and Learning Systems in consultation with computer services and recorded in the District Course Directory.

The area of graduation credit for any given course will be established by the Directors of Teaching and Learning Systems and identified on the course description.

High School Curriculum Course Outlines, Revision

Course outlines will be completely revised by October 15 during the year of instructional materials adoption for any given content area. The process will begin the preceding spring and will be facilitated by the Directors of Teaching and Learning Systems. At this time, new courses may be added, courses no longer offered may be deleted, and all courses will be reviewed for consistency with district philosophy, and the instructional needs of students.

The Directors of Teaching and Learning Systems will cooperate with curriculum assistants and department chairpersons in the development of updated material. By October 15 of each school year, updated course material will be distributed to appropriate personnel from the office of Directors of Teaching and Learning Systems.

All course descriptions and other materials relevant to the Yellow Book (High School Curriculum -- District Essentials and Guidelines) that are sent to high schools will be directed to the assistant principals in charge of curriculum.

New course proposals in subject areas not currently adopting textbooks may be proposed at any time. (See Course Proposal Planning and Review directive.)

Deletion of Courses


  • When a course is no longer being offered in any schools.
  • When a course is not in keeping with the developed program of a particular curriculum area.
  • When a course repeats the content of another course within the curriculum area or another curriculum area.


Following one (or more) of the guidelines for deletion listed above, the Directors of Teaching and Learning Systems may recommend in writing the deletion of a high school course. High school curriculum assistant principals will be notified of the recommended change.

The approval of the appropriate assistant superintendent will be necessary to complete the deletion process.

The schools will be notified of the deletion for the following year by November 1, so the school course description booklets can reflect the change.

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NSBA/NEPN Classification: IGE

Revised: May 1995
: April 1996
: May 1997
: June 2002

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