1.8 Superintendent Evaluation

The superintendent shall be evaluated each contract year in accordance with the process outlined below.

Mutually Agreed Upon Goals, Metrics and Forms

The Board of Education and the superintendent shall mutually agree upon the superintendent’s goals and metrics, upon which he/she shall be evaluated, no later than April of each year.  The Superintendent Performance Evaluation Form shall be developed at this time to correctly reflect the agreed upon goals and metrics so it may be used in each formative and summative feedback session.

Formative Feedback to the Superintendent

The superintendent shall be provided formative feedback at least quarterly by the Board of Education.  The intent of this feedback shall be to assist the superintendent in his/her service to the district by providing perceptions from the Board of Education on the progress being made by the superintendent and to offer the superintendent the opportunity to share his/her perceptions on progress he/she is making during his/her contract year.

This formative feedback shall take place minimally at three executive sessions at a scheduled Board of Education meeting. in April, July and October.  Alternative months may be used if mutually agreed upon by the Board of Education and the superintendent.

The Board of Education shall reserve the right to request additional meetings with the superintendent to provide formative feedback to the superintendent.  The superintendent shall reserve the right to request additional meetings with the Board of Education to receive formative feedback.

Summative Feedback to the Superintendent

The superintendent shall be provided summative data on the Board of Education's perceptions of his/her performance by each Board of Education member in executive session at a scheduled Board of Education meeting in December. The Superintendent Performance Evaluation Form shall be completed by each board member and superintendent independently, and the superintendent shall be presented the aggregated summary of all Board of Education member responses along with the individual responses. The board will identify and provide explanations for strengths and areas of the superintendent’s performance where growth can occur.  The superintendent has an opportunity during this session to provide feedback regarding performance of the board. The superintendent shall be provided an opportunity to provide his/her written response to the evaluation and his/her response along with the aggregated summary shall become a part of the superintendent's personnel file.

This summative feedback shall take place in executive session

Annual Review

This Board Procedural Directive shall be reviewed and may be revised by the Board of Education with input from the superintendent in April of each year.  These revisions shall reflect any improvements perceived necessary in the process and form. At this session making any modifications to the formative and summative evaluation cycle for next contract year may be made.

Board of Education Member:     Policy and Instruction Committee Chair
Department Director:                  
Board of Education Services Office Executive Director


Legal Cross Ref.:                                §22-5-4 NMSA 1978
Board Policy Cross Ref.:                     BB3 – Superintendent’s Evaluation
Procedural Directive Cross Ref.:       

NSBA/NEPN Classification:             BB

Introduced: January 15, 2016
January 20, 2016

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