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J.19 Students and Off-Campus Violent Acts - February 2000 Revision

Note: This policy was reviewed and revised in November 2010. We provide this revision for historic purposes only. Please refer to the current policy.

Any student identified to the District as having been formally charged with committing a violent act or having illegally possessed a firearm in the community, may be assessed by the school district administration as to whether the student, 1) may reasonably present a danger to himself/herself or others, and/or 2) would likely significantly disrupt the school environment by returning to the school campus. As a result of such an assessment process, the district may require the student to be placed in an alternative program for the safety of the student and others. The district may also require that the student be placed in an alternative program during the pendency of the assessment process.

NSBA/NEPN Classification: JLI

Approved: February 2, 2000
Revised: April 2001

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