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FB1 Coordinated Growth Strategy - September 2006 Revision

The Board of Education of the Albuquerque Public Schools recognizes the importance and benefit of coordinating and cooperating with the Planning Departments of the City of Albuquerque and the County of Bernalillo in conjunction with the review and approval of plats for new residential construction projects within the School District. The Board further recognizes that having sources of funds, such as Facilities Fees from developers and home builders in addition to ad valorem property taxes, available to help defray the cost of construction of new schools and facilities and major renovation or expansion of existing facilities will be beneficial to the Albuquerque Public School District. The Superintendent is hereby directed to implement this Policy, including setting the amount of the Facilities Fees and coordinating efforts within the District to collect all such fees in a timely and efficient manner. The Superintendent is also directed to keep abreast of student population increases and projected residential construction projects within the District through the local development and construction industry and its trade associations and to take this information into account when planning and timing all future APS facilities.

Introduced: 09/05/06
Approved: 09/06/06

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