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Dear Governor

The importance of education from a student perspective

Stephen and Kendall present their letters to the candidates

At the 2010 APS Gubernatorial Education Debate, we were honored to turn the stage over to 8th grader, Kendall Beatty, and 4th grader, Stephen Miller, who presented special letters to gubernatorial candidates Diane Denish and Susana Martinez.

These two exceptional students shared their thoughts with the candidates and the audience, and then presented the candidates with framed copies of their letters.

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Kendall's Letter

Click to read 8th grader Kendall Beatty's letter to the gubernatorial candidates.Dear Governor,

I started eighth grade this year and it is very important to me that I succeed.  In my family, education always comes first.  To me, education always comes back to responsibility.  We need dedicated teachers and it is the students responsibility to listen, study, stay focused, and learn.  I understand that New Mexico’s history is very important, but I also believe that schools need to be equipped with the latest learning materials.  Things in school are old fashioned.  We use pens and paper every day, but most kids now are most comfortable and familiar with computers.

I feel that music, art, and physical education are just as important as the main subjects in school.  Everybody is so focused on Math and English and I don’t think that specific subjects are getting the attention that they need.  I also think that nutritious meals should be provided in school.

I have experienced bullying in school and it is not okay.  I also think, that needs more attention because when kids bring home what they have learned in school, they can also bring home a lot of depression.

I hope that my ideas and everything that I had to say inspires you and I hope that you take it into consideration. 

Kendall Beatty

Stephen's Letter

Click to read 4th grader Stephen Miller's letter to the gubernatorial candidates.Hello,

My name is Stephen Miller and I am a 4th grader at Marie Hughes Elementary.

Education is important to me because being an actor or a director takes education.  I want to be a director and writing is a skill I need to write my own plays.

I like math because it is very interesting.  I think math is the most used skill in everyday life.

I would like to thank Mrs. Farris for starting my elementary education and teaching me how to read in Kindergarten at Sierra Vista.


Stephen Miller

The candidates thank Stephen and Kendall for their letters.Kendall reads her letter